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Multidimensional CustomCare solutions and startup development for healthcare industry
Full set of IT solutions developed from scratch, designed to cover the needs of a business or startup in the healthcare industry.
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IT solutions for business in the health care sector, developed according to all industry standards

High-quality workflow organization for healthcare sector: improving treatment and diagnostic processes and ensuring secure data transfer between health сare departments. As the industry being rapidly digitalized, CustomCare works with medical and research companies to help them grow and build a robust, software-friendly and innovation-oriented software infrastructure.
Medical Marketplaces
Big Data solutions
Integrated solutions
for CRM-systems
IoT devices
Management systems
for medical institutions
Mobile app solutions
Online medical system for diagnostic and treatment process organization. Marketplace of product and services to book by clients.
CustomCare is a medical platform with the main focus in Primary Care. It provides doctor and patient interaction via communication system with the ability to securely exchange information. It also includes telemedicine tools for quick health problem solving. The booking system helps to order the service in a few clicks. An electronic medical archive provides secure storage of user data. The automatic notification system will not let you forget about passing a health monitoring program.
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Large amounts of data analysis is extremely important and time-consuming work which helps to make correct predictions and complex decisions. Working with analytics solves the issues of traffic analysis, shows the feasibility of opening new facilities, as well as helps to study audiences and apply targeted communication tools. Projects based on this technology help assess the risks and determine the probability of events, ensuring a high level of data security.
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The CRM system offers customers and contractors data collection when registering a communication channel and interaction history. The system allows managing transaction history by tracking all points of communication from the first contact to payment by automating the sales funnel. Arrays of collected information allow you to generate statistical reports that help assess the effectiveness of marketing channels, staff performance and analyze key task performance indicators.
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Health monitoring system and integration with medical devices
An innovative online health monitoring system collects, analyzes and visualizes health indicators. This data is synchronized with the central user database. Due to integration with the heart rate monitor, smart scales and smartwatches, the system receives user data and tracks the heart indicators, the dynamics of physical activity and rest, as well as tracks any changes in physical parameters.
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Back Office for work automation allows you to manage notifications and mailings, organize collected data from the audience, track the client's path from the registration process to the request for service order, agreement or feedback. Such solutions help to simplify the interaction between the client and the doctor, facilitate the booking system and automate payments by integrating data with accounting systems.
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Telemedicine tools, doctor's offices, patient self-care rooms and all other functions are available on specialized mobile applications.
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CustomCare solutions ensure
the success of your project

Stages of project development
CustomCare uses a convenient step-by-step approach, each action is transparent and easy to understand.

Studying your organization specification
We define the goals, objectives, business needs, uniqueness and value. We study the advantages over competitors, analyze the market and select indicators that will determine the effectiveness of your project.
Prototyping. Working with structure
We create future interfaces prototypes. Our team makes reproductions of the structure, adds navigation between the elements and determines the location of the basic components, taking into account the behavioral scenarios of visitors
Semantics and work with the content
The semantic core and the content creation according to the defined structure of the future project.
Creating a design that will establish trust from the very first visitor interaction. Convenient navigation, clear interfaces and intuitive logic are the key components of our designing process.
Software development
Flexible and efficient solutions that will ensure comfortable use due to modern development tools, clean code, high quality micro-markup and layout, as well as simple and easy to understand content for users.
Quality assurance and launch
Guarantee of a high quality work performance with all branch standards compliances due to professional testing by best CustomCare experts.
Project support and optimization
We support our partners' projects and provide the ability to improve already existing solutions in order to flexibly respond to any market needs and to ensure successful further product development.
The technologies
we use
Front-end. We build state-of-the-art frontend solutions based on HTML5 and the latest JavaScript frameworks. We create cross-platform mobile applications with React Native.
Back-end. We deliver modern client-server apps using Symfony and Laravel frameworks. We engineer reliable software with Node.js.
Infrastructure. We have physical and virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data. We use mySQL, mongoDB, postgreSQl to identify and control access to data.
Vue.js REDUX Typescript MySQL React Python PHP HTML5 NodeJS
JavaScript REACT NATIVE CSS3 MongoDB Postgres Laravel Symfony angular

Where to start?

The CustomCare team understands that each project is unique in its own way and requires an individual approach. That is why we offer a free consultation of our specialists. Send us your inquiries. We will be happy to help you!
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